Managed Care Solutions

Restaurant Revenue Made Easy

The managed care program is a premium feature for restaurants to build their presence online. We have found that restaurants participating in this program have more than doubled their previous online revenue via online ordering.

Up to 2 emails, 2 text messages, and 2 social posts are sent to VIP members each month. Special incentives drive traffic and increases conversion rates on your restaurant website. Program starts at $199/month.

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Engage your customers

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VIP Program

  • Cost typically ranges from $200 – 500 (One time set up fee)
  • The VIP program comes complete with the website and online ordering package.
  • There are additional one time customization charges to integrate the VIP Program as well. Additional cost will depend on the website, VIP incentive offered, and number of restaurant locations.

Place your marketing and social media on auto pilot. We will create, design and manage your campaigns. Let us do what we do best.

Letting you do, what you do best, run your business!

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