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Little Gio’s Pizza Shop

Little Gio’s opened their doors to the public in the spring of 2015. The small takeout sandwich and pizzeria located in Gilbertsville Pa converted a small local ice cream stand into a takeout only restaurant.

Since the restaurant is takeout only, the owners needed a website that not only allowed customers to view their menu but also made it easy for them to order. The owners hired CMP Development Group to develop a website than encompassed all of the those features and more.

CMP developed a new website that quickly became popular with the local residents. The site features our “Send a Menu” service where customers can provide and email address and have a menu delivered to their inbox in a matter of minutes. The site also features our VIP integration that allows customers to sign up for future specials notifications and most importantly our online ordering. Customers can place their order online from any type of device, desktop, table or mobile phone and have their order ready and waiting when they come to pick it up.

The website has allowed them to communicate with their customers in a way that they would have never been able to before and the business has become so popular that in 2015 they were named Best of Montco.

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