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Suloman’s Dairy has been around for generation and have been providing the community with fresh milk and ice cream products for over 45 years. All of the products are completely natural and they pride themselves in not injecting their cows with any hormones so the products are as natural as can be.

Although the dairy has its long time customers, owners Larry and Darlene wanted to appeal to a broader section of the population in order to expand their business. In addition to offering some non dairy products in the store such as meats, pasta and baked goods, they realized that they had to create a website where folks could find them online in order to find out more about what they had to offer.

Since a growing number of people in our society have adopted a healthier approach to dieting and food, Suloman’s wanted the new website to showcase their hormone free dairy products along with the ability to make it more convenient to shop with them by adding an online ordering system. All of this has made their business more appealing to the growing community.

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