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Tosco’s Restaurants Landing Page Visit Website

Tosco’s Restaurants Landing Page

The Tosco family runs several successful restaurants in the Pennsburg Pa area all of which have their own website and URL. In addition, the family also offers catering services for all kinds of events and parties.

The businesses wanted a way to promote one URL so that all of their businesses could be seen by current and future customers. CMP Development Group decided that a landing page would be a great approach to their marketing efforts.

CMP designed a landing page and logo’s for each of the individual businesses in the Tosco portfolio. The web address was used as the primary URL which showcases each of the logos on a attractive background. Customers can click on the Tosco business they are interested in and they will then be redirected directly to the individual website. Setting up this landing page benefits all of the different brands because the Tosco’s can spread their advertising accross all brands by promoting one URL

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